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CarPro Gliss Ceramic Coating (Booster)

CarPro Gliss Ceramic Coating (Booster)

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Transform the surface of your vehicle to become super glossy, slick and crazy hydrophobic! Use Carpro Gliss as a standalone coating, or on top of the famous CQuartz coatings from CarPro!

CarPro is once again innovating and improving their products - this time with the addition of a new hydrophobic top coat that can be used as a standalone specialised coating, or on top of their flagship CQuartz ceramic coatings.

CarPro Gliss is a new glass coating that has increased chemical resistance, a crazy slick surface, intense gloss and crazy water beading. It features a new innovative long chain polymer structure that allows for that extreme slick result.

The addition of Gliss on your CQuartz coatings will not only take your vehicle to the next level but protect and improve the CQuartz coatings even further.

Enter the new generation of car care now with CarPro Gliss and CQuartz coatings!


  • Hyper SLICK and smooth
  • Next Generation Top Coat!
  • Also works great as a stand-alone Nano-coat!
  • Anti-static: Non-oily / resists dust retention
  • Adds thickness to your existing coat when used as a top coat
  • Enhances resistance to water spots and mineral stains
  • Extreme Hydrophobic affect
  • Enhances Gloss and life of any ceramic coating


  • Durability: 12+ Months
  • Coverage: 20ml per coat +/-
  • Water contact angle: 115°
  • Recommended working temperatures: 40F to 90F
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