Full Detailing: A Step-by-Step Guide by Perth Detailing Carstyle



Section 1: What is a Full Detail?

Section 2: Essential Tools and Products

Section 3: The Step-by-Step Process



Presentation Perth Detailing Carstyle.

As the leader of Perth Detailing Carstyle, I have brought forth a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience garnered over the years in the automotive detailing industry. My professional journey includes significant roles in prominent companies such as Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Additionally, I have pursued certified courses focusing on paint correction and paint protection.

Together with my skilled team, we are proficient in delivering automotive washing and care services. Our collective expertise positions us to provide top-tier services with a commitment to excellence. Whether it's our industry experience or dedication to quality, we are well-prepared to offer comprehensive solutions and deliver outstanding results to our valued clients at Perth Detailing Carstyle.


What is a Full Detail at Perth Detailing Carstyle:

  1. Wheel Clean:

    • Detailed cleaning of the wheels to remove accumulated dirt and residue.
  2. Degreasing and Washing the Engine Bay:

    • Deep cleaning and degreasing of the engine bay to eliminate grease and dirt build-up.
  3. Exterior Body Wash:

    • Complete washing of the vehicle's body to remove surface dirt and residues.
  4. Clayblock Fix Oxidation:

    • Use of clay block to correct oxidation on the paint, enhancing its appearance.
  5. Cleaning Dashboard, Trims, etc.:

    • Thorough cleaning of the interior, including the dashboard, trims, steering wheel, glove box, armrest, door panels, and handles.
  6. Full Vacuum Including Boot:

    • Complete vacuuming of the interior, including the trunk.
  7. Remove Dog Hair, Lint, and Sand:

    • Specialized removal of pet hair, lint, and sand from the interior.
  8. Door Shuts:

    • Cleaning of the internal parts of the doors for a complete finish.
  9. Seat/Carpet Shampoo:

    • Shampooing to deep clean the seats and carpets.
  10. Windows - Clean, Remove Water Stains:

    • Window cleaning, including the removal of water stains.
  11. Hand Polish - Stage 1:

    • Manual polishing of the body in stage 1 to enhance shine and appearance.
  12. Tyre Dressing/Gloss:

    • Application of a product to enhance the gloss of the tires.
  13. Dressing/Gloss on Interior Surfaces:

    • Application of products to add gloss to door panels, dashboard, trims, and glove box.
  14. Odour Treatment:

    • Specialized treatment to eliminate unwanted odors from the car's interior.


Tools and Essential Products Used by Perth Detailing Carstyle

At Perth Detailing Carstyle, we rely on a range of premium chemicals and accessories sourced from Auto Shield Group, a distinguished Western Australian supplier of automotive cleaning, detailing, and workshop products with over 40 years of expertise. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the selection of these essential products:


  1. Brush Shampoo:

    • Specifically formulated to maintain and clean brushes effectively during the detailing process, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.


  1. Acid Clean (Blitz):

    • A powerful acid cleaner designed to tackle tough stains, residues, and contaminants on various surfaces, making it an essential tool for challenging cleaning tasks.


  1. Gladiator (Red Dust Remover):

    • A specialized solution for removing stubborn red dust and iron particles, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.


  1. Fe20 Iron Remover:

    • This iron remover plays a crucial role in the decontamination process, efficiently removing iron contaminants from the vehicle's surfaces.


  1. Tyre Sheen:

    • Used for enhancing the appearance of tires, providing a glossy finish that complements the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.
  2. All-Purpose Interior Cleaner:

    • A versatile interior cleaner designed to effectively clean various interior surfaces, maintaining a fresh and inviting atmosphere within the vehicle.
  1. No Guard - Interior/Exterior Dressing:

    • A multi-purpose dressing with UV protection, suitable for interior and exterior use on vinyl, plastic, leather, and rubber surfaces. It provides long-lasting shine and protection.



  1. Detailing Brush:

    • A specialized brush designed for intricate detailing work, ensuring precision and thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Wheel Brush:

    • Specifically crafted for cleaning wheels, this brush enables thorough removal of dirt and grime from intricate wheel designs.
  3. Steam Cleaner:

    • Utilized for a variety of cleaning tasks, the steam cleaner provides an effective and eco-friendly way to remove dirt and stains.
  4. Shampoo Vacuum Cleaner:

    • A powerful vacuum cleaner designed for shampooing and extracting dirt from carpets and upholstery, contributing to a comprehensive interior cleaning.

At Perth Detailing Carstyle, we prioritize the use of top-quality products and accessories to deliver exceptional results, ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Step-by-Step Process at Perth Detailing Carstyle

we will take this car as a reference

  1. Wheel and Tire Area:

    • Begin by washing the wheels using Acid Clean (Blitz) and tire arches using Gladiator and a dedicated brush. Ensure thorough cleaning, especially for non-chrome metal surfaces.
  2. Engine Cleaning and Exterior Wash:

    • Proceed to clean the engine bay using Gladiator and water. Avoid letting it dry to prevent any damage to aesthetic components. For the paint surface Use shampoo for the initial wash with a sponge to avoid scratches and incorporate Fe20 and shampoo in the second wash to eliminate iron contaminants and disinfect the paint.
  3. Door Edges:

    • Clean all edges of the doors, including the trunk, ensuring a comprehensive door shuts with the high pressure gun and Gladiator.


  1. Drying and Paint Correction:

    • Dry the vehicle using a chamois and address any paint imperfections with Hand Polish, achieving a flawless exterior finish.

  1. Interior Preparation:

    • Prepare the interior by allowing dirt to settle on the floor. Utilize a detailing brush, steam cleaner, and a blower for hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Dashboard and Interior Trim Cleaning:

    • Clean the dashboard, trims, steering wheel, glove box, armrest, door panels, and handles using the detail brush and steam cleaner. Follow with thorough vacuuming, including the trunk, to eliminate all dirt.

  1. Start Vacuum and seat cleaning:

    • Make sure to cover all parts such as the sides and under the seat when vacuuming, then use a shampoo vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner to clean the seats, ensuring a deep and effective cleaning process.
  2. Interior Protection:

    • Apply No Guard to provide a protective and glossy finish to the interior surfaces of the vehicle.
  3. Scent Enhancement:

    • Apply a pleasant air freshener to the vehicle. If needed, use a bomb disinfectant (see attached image) to eliminate bacteria and odors, leaving the vehicle fresh with a delightful aroma.

By meticulously following these steps, your vehicle will showcase a radiant and impeccable appearance, reflecting the commitment to excellence at Perth Detailing Carstyle.

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